The query of modals with same mudule in one app will run several time

Hello, say we have an app with 2 modal, this two modal is with the same module in it.

When the query in modal1 take place, it will trigger the same query in modal2. when the query in modal2 take place, it will trigger the same query in modal1 too.
Should it run separately context?

It's terrible If I have more than 3 modal(with same module). It will issue many query.

It seem to be caused by Run query automatically, when I set it to manually, it will work fine.
But if didn't find the way to trigger the load query manually in module from parent.

there is similar in this post.



Hey there :wave: Would you be able to trigger the query in your module so you can set the query to run when manually triggered? Here is an example:

Hello, thanks. I want the data load automatic when modal open.
Is possible to trigger the query in module form parent app?
such as


Could your module include the modal?