Is there a way to trigger a query in a module from parent app?

I have a module which encapsulates the functionality of finding rows in our DB (through a GQL query). The module is just text input that feeds into the GQL call, and the results are wired up to a table that the user can select rows. A few of the apps that use the model and up making modifications to what's returned in the table such that it makes sense to trigger the query the again in order to refresh the data.

Simple without the module, but I can't seem to figure out (or find in the docs) a way to control the modules trigger, after a mutation query executes for example.

Anyone have any tips here. Thanks in advance!

Hey @James_McKernan!

There isn't built-in support for this at the moment but there's a thread with a workaround here! It's something quite a few folks have requested, hopefully we can support it more in the future, and we can let you know here if we do :slightly_smiling_face: