Text Input - enable/disable function in java script

Hi there,

for the "text input" component there is a function to make it disabled setDisabled() directly from java script.
Is there a similar function for reversing that action and enabling the component "text input"? I could not find any :-(. Is there maybe a workaround that for that, I could use in the code? - btw. changing the component property with "=" seem not to work either (e.g. inpComonent.disbaled = 'true'

any help, tips are highly appriciated

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You could in a JS query in Retool, write something like
yourtextInputField.disabled == true

or you can set the Disabled field to true or false in the Inspect panel on right for the textInput component to true based on a condition....
something.value == 'anything here'?'true:false
See JavaScript in Retool and
Text Input | Retool Component Library

Hi ScorrR

thanks a lot for your tips. I did try them and the second idea with conditional settings from the inspect panel works great - thank you very much

However the first tip I was not able to make it work. It seems like in the Java script directly I do not have "write" access to properties of different screen objects. I can "read" them, "test" their values but I am not able to change them with "=" operator for this I need functions. Can you please explain what you meant with "yourtextInputField.disabled == true" and by you used double "=" (equal singe here)