Multiple field checks

I'm trying to toggle the disabled flag based on values in two different fields. How would you do that. Here's my example

{{add_Experience.value == 'New'}} || {{add_Name.value =='Unlicensed Assistant'}}

evaluates to true || false

I'm hoping it's just syntax

Hey @scottcrowley! Yep, depends on what your condition is. true || false evaluates to true, while true && false evaluates to false.

I tried this same logic in a transformer and worked as expected. If I put in in the disable field of the component it doesn’t evaluate the logic just builds a concatenated string “true || false”

I guess the answer is to use the transformer?

Ah, it’s because you have a couple of extra curly brackets - it should be {{add_Experience.value == ‘New’ || add_Name.value ==‘Unlicensed Assistant’}}

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Thanks Justin, still learning!

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That’s what we’re here for :slight_smile: