Text area removes quotes from typed string when saved to db


Newbie question :blush:

I have a textArea.
When I write a string in it it changes the string.

This string:
Example string with a word in "quotes"

Turns into this string (that gets saved in the mongodb after a button press):
Example String With A Word In Quotes

Any ideas why and what I need to change??

The same happens with a textInput.
But not all of them:

these fields are in a form.
Could it be settings on the form, or on the individual textInputs?

I can't find any difference in the settings of these two textFields.

Same if I use Safari or Chrome.

Any ideas where to look would be very appreciated!
I'm stuck.

I may have found it, the culprit.
In the table i found this.
{{ _.startCase(item) }}

If I just remove the whole "{{ _.startCase(item) }}" from the Mapped value it works as one would like.

Why the table should interfere with the form for editing one line is beyond me.