Form text input with hash character and number converted to date


I have a text input form field:

...which populates a table field e.g

The table component field is defined as:

The schema definition for the column is:

assembly_number varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL`

This largely works as expected, until I include anything in the text field which contains something of the form '#\s*[0-9]+' e.g.


On submitting such text, this get's converted into a date.


This is obviously not ideal.



What column type is it?

Edited above.

Are you showing a screenshot of the column of the db or of Retool....
What is the column type of the table component - not the database...

Apologies if this wasn't clear, it's the 3rd screen shot, have now annotated as such.

Got it. - so you input text from the textfield and submit it into the database and then run a select to then pull that entered text from the database and populate the table component? (What does the insert / select query look like?)
or, do you add text into the input field and then automagically populate the table component through other means? If so, how?

Bah, just found some 'moment' javascript hidden away in the app wide settings. Apologies for the eager post, this one's on me.

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Glad you found it!

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