Technical description and usage of 2FA

I am planning to implement 2FA to strengthen the security measures of the application to be built.
I found a setting item to adopt 2FA for the entire organization in the Advanced of settings, so I used it, and 2FA was actually created!

However, there are two points I don't understand

One is about the background and technical explanation of the adoption of these 2FAs. When one adopts such a feature, one would want to understand how it works. Just looking at the documentation, there is no mention of this feature. If there is documentation, please tell us where the feature is mentioned and if not, how can it be safely implemented?

The second is how to activate this 2FA on an individual basis. I was able to set it up on an organizational basis, but is there a way to set it up on an individual basis? I would be glad to know about this.

This feature is very important for our products. We would be glad to know about it.

Hi @soma!

Thanks for surfacing this :slightly_smiling_face: our docs team has plans to add more documentation around 2FA after the holiday break and we can let folks know here when that has been completed. In the meantime, some important points to cover are:

  1. At the moment, per-user 2FA is something that's only available on Enterprise plans though we are aware that users would like this feature and its something that's being investigated (again, we can let you know here when it's supported :sweat_smile: ) so when you enable 2FA, every user will be required to turn it on
  2. Once you enable 2FA for your org users will be prompted to set up their 2FA app using a QR code and must enter the associated code on subsequent logins
  3. If a user is unable to access their 2FA app an admin from your organization will need to reset it for them in "User Settings":

Feel free to let me know if you have any more specific questions!

Hey folks! There's a new docs page here you can check out!