How do I assign tag colors in new Tables?

Hello, in the new tables I can't seem to find an option to change tag colors. There is the option to assign or not tag colors automatically, but I wanted to manually assign colors. I saw in a previous thread screenshots with that option:

But I personally don't have that:


Click on the Options list and you can assign it there:

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This works, but it's not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to add a condition where if value contains x, then it is red. Especially since the values being used aren't fixed, so many different names are gonna be added in the future.

You can use a ternary operator:
in the field write
{{self === somename?'red':'green'}} this means if it is somename it is red, if not, it is green.
But since you have multiple names, you can keep adding something like this...
{{self === somename?'red':self === someothername?'green'':self === somesomename?'purple':''}}. The last '' needs to be there to be the only falsy value....

Hey @ScottR,

I can find the options list in the screenshot mentioned above, but didn't figured out where to use/write the ternary operator.

Can you maybe at a screenshot where to find the "field write" ?

Hey @Malte_Huener, you can type the ternary expression into the color field as below.
You can do this on almost every configurable field.