Table that references another table

I have a made a retool Dashboard for quote requests, service tickets, etc. Im essentially trying to merge databases without doing tons and tons of requests that would bog down the interface.

Lets say in Table A I have my Service Tickets, and Table B I have an External Customer Database. Is there a way to have table A show data from table B by matching cell value in table A to Primary Key in Table B. like in the way a transformer would work, so that there is no query to run for data to be synced?

For Clarification lets say Table A, first 10 Columns contain pertinent Service Ticket info Along with the "assigned" Customer ID to reference Table B, The remaining columns in the row would ideally pull the customer data from table B

This would make life so much easier, as I could have all the most recent data Changes to customer accounts in our 3rd party software by running 1 GET query to refresh our customer database and then it would just naturally show in my Table A

Clever Suggestions much appreciated

Sure is, sounds like a job for a json query


Excellent, I hadnt noticed that previously. Thanks for the pointer