Table : Sorting % data after filtering not working

I've looked through and didn't see any similar topics.

I have a table that I use to compare different rows having for columns :

Profits in $
ROI in decimals : 0,00 'converted to %' using {{self * 100}} in the Mapped Value setting.

It works great until I add a filter, for example ROI or Profits greater than 0,
then I can still sort Profits by Ascending/Descending correctly but not ROI which give me a non-sense sorting.
Any Idea ?
Using : Retool version 2.115.0

Hey @Wilfried_Scherrer!

It looks like this is actually a bug on our end, there currently isn't a timeline for a fix but I can let you know here when there is one. In the meantime, I'm happy to help think of workarounds - would you mind sharing a bit more about your use case?

I'm curious if filtering on the underlying data using something like a Query JSON with SQL query might work :thinking:

Thanks ! your product is amazing!

I'm using a MongoDB query that queries a Collection.
Yes your solution would probably work but I would have to create a tabbed container with different tables, each filtering some data. At least I have a solution ahah !

If you need more info to fix the bug I'm willing to help!

Thanks for the offer! For now, it looks like the bug is well-scoped but if it turns out extra information is needed I'll let you know :slightly_smiling_face:

Also just want to share this example of Query JSON with SQL filtering in case it's helpful for you or someone else that may stumble across this thread. I