Table Refresh not showing new items with Search Term Filter

So i am having an issue with my table updating when it refreshes if i have a searchTerm filtering the data. My workflow right now includes an optin to duplicate a line item so when i run that it adds data to the DB and then pulls it again. But then i will need to type in my search feild again to make it actually show. i will usually delete a letter and then add it back in. Am i doing something weird? I want to be able to have it refresh and show the data and have the search term update without having to retype it to make it update visiually.

Sometimes it will do this then other times it will follow the behavior of this post and one item will get changed out to a different one and to show all i then edited my search input feild and then it will show all results.Table Refresh not showing new items with Search Term Filter

Screenshot 2023-12-29 at 9.39.25 AM

+1 on this issue.
Seems like the behaviour is really inconsistent.
I have the same problem, using some filters in the query, so every time a filter is changed, a new query is made and the table is refreshed. Unfortunately the Search Term Filter just doesn't seem to apply until you change a letter as you mentioned.
In my mind it should be reapplying every time the table contents are refreshed.

Hey there,

Regarding the search term not persisting on a table refresh, consider storing the search term in a temporary state variable. When adding new data and refreshing the table, reapply the stored search term. This approach preserves the search term during updates. Here is some more information about using variables in Retool.

Regarding the inconsistent table refresh behavior, can you provide more details on the inconsistent behavior? When does this behavior happen? Is there a specific trigger or pattern?