Group by filter disable sorting and conditional colors

I see some issues when using the group by filter (web group by).

Sort by doesn't work when I had a group by filter on the table. For example when I click on the group by device, and then sort by users it doesn't sort... but when I remove the group by filter the sorting works fine.
For example I group by date and then want to sort by Cost (currency type) it shows a date with 150$ then one with 687$ and then one with 124$.

Also, the condition of the color set for some columns doesn't work after clicking on the 'group by' filter.

Also, the columns that are being calculated on the web (with JS) are broken when using the group by.

Check Example:
Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 18.11.08
Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 18.11.01

Also, the sum-up footer shows broken data when aggregating the data.

Any idea why?

Hey @R_S_I_F,

This seems a duplicate of your previous post here. If so, would you mind deleting one of them?

Any idea how to solve this issue?

Sorry @R_S_I_F, I'm not able to try and reproduce this myself right now. However, I can say that if you're able to provide screenshots of your settings it will be easier for other users to help you troubleshoot or confirm whether this is a bug or not.


Any idea why??