table.selectedRow is null - but records are in table

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The topic name is very similar to table.selectedRow evaluating to null - but the record is displayed in the table but the solution there didn't help with what I'm experiencing.

I'm using the S3 File Explorer retool template. The fileList table from that table works fine, so I went ahead and duplicated the fileList table to add another S3 bucket to the dashboard. The problem is that even though the correct data gets displayed in this second fileList table, it always returns null for any selected row:

A simple js snippet returns the same results:

What am I missing?
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During office hours Paulo suggested to use the new table (the S3 File explorer template seems to be using the legacy table component). We were able to get set up and things work as they should!

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Thank you for updating your topic! :slightly_smiling_face:
It was great meeting you during OH. Join us anytime!

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