Table Row Color If Column Data is the same

I have a new table with a date column sorted in descending order and if the date is the same on multiple rows I would like to make those rows the same color. Then the next matching dates I would like to be a different color. Is this possible? I have tried changing the row color in appearance using self and item but I need some help. Thanks for any guidance!

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Is it a specific date? Or any date in the column that is the same in any row?

It is any date in the column that is the same but the dates are always sorted in descending order in the table so dates that are the same will be together.

You could try comparing the column value to any date in the table itself but the problem may be setting the background color. Maybe someone else can come up with a quicker solution but I won’t be able to dig into this until tomorrow morning. Sorry for the wait but I will post what I find

I appreciate your help!

You could convert the date to a hex number using
#{{parseInt(moment([currentSourceRow.date_in], "YYYY/MM/DD" ).format("DDMMYY"),10).toString(16)}}
and store it in another column.
Set the row color to the new column value.
(Change the Date_in to your date name!)


Thanks so much! I had to adjust it a bit but this works perfectly!

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