{{table.recordUpdates}} no longer works

My {{table.record.Updates}} feature no longer works.

I have tested my connections and they are good. I can receive data from the Server but I cannot send data to the Server.

I have 2 tables and and both are giving me the same problems.

I am attaching 2 screen captures.

Any thoughts?


Hey @mdsmith1!

It looks like there's an extra semicolon after your transformer. Can you try {{table2.recordUpdates}} instead of {{table2.recordUpdates}};?

Henry: You were right and that helped.
But there was one block of "await" statements that had a period at the beginning of the 3rd line past the last line. The debugger does not pick that up. I almost gave up but I eventually found it, so everything is fine now.
Henry, I appreciate all your help with this.