Table filters for calculated columns

Hi, is there any way to filter on a calculated column in a query?

I was able to make it work using a search box and modify the actual query:


But, it would be handier to be able to quickly filter on the calculated columns.

Hey there @cliff-brake! Unfortunately the table filter feature doesn’t support calculated columns quite yet. I would love to move this post into the #feature-requests category if you’re cool with that!

Also, is there a way to modify the above query to fetch all records if {{ imei.value}} is not set, or equal to “”. This would allow viewing all records if imei.value is not set.

Yes, that would be a great feature, please feel free to move this.

@cliff-brake yes indeed there is a way to do that! I use regex in my Mongo queries and then add in this ternary operator (in the example here, I’m querying the name property):

{name: {"$regex": {{ !search_box.value ? {$exists: true} : search_box.value }}, "$options": "i"}

So if there’s no value in the search_box then it returns all results, and if there is a value, it filters on that value. More details in this community post here: How to create a dynamic query without changing resource settings?

Let me know if this helps!

@justin yes, that works. Ended up with:

 {"state.modemInfo.imei": {{ imei.value ? imei.value : {$exists:true} }} }
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Awesome :slight_smile: Keep posting if there’s anything else we can help with!