Filter table based on values specific column

Hi there,

I use retool to get data from an API and show this data in a table. The API doesn't have options to filter the returned data on each field and I would like to show a table with records that only have a 'No' in a certain field.

I've been looking at the table properties but I can't seem to find options to add a filter over there, is that correct?

Is there another option where I can add this price-paid='No' filter easily? Or should I add it to this transformer:

return {{ }}
apartment:{name: appartmentName},
channel:{name: channelName},}) => {return {, appartmentName, channelName}});

And if so how would I add it there?

Thank for the help!

Hey @Industryofcool!

This is definitely possible. You can use table filtering:

You can also use JS filtering:

Let me know if you're able to get this set up or if you have any questions at all!