[Table] Dynamic actions for rows?

Currently, when we select actions for table rows, the actions are universally applied to every row. Would it make sense for the actions to be dynamically configurable based on certain properties of the row? Just as one example, say if a table tracks CRM leads with a column for “Status” - and one row has a status of “Open”, the actions could be “Follow-up” and “Send reminder”, but if another row has a status of “Inactive”, the actions could be “Send survey”.

Hello @bliang, this is a perfectly reasonable request. We are working on improving our table component and will take this request into consideration :slight_smile:
In the meantime, there is a way to have dynamic buttons but it requires some clever javascript. If you put this into your action button text:
{{ currentRow.status == "open" ? "close" : "send reminder"}}
then create a “Run JS Code” query with this if-else statement
if (table2.selectedRow.data.status == "open") { closeItem.trigger(); } else { sendReminder.trigger(); }
you will have dynamic buttons that trigger different queries.

@alex - I figured this may work for a single button for row. Once someone wants to have different numbers of actions based on row data, the current action model breaks down. (have to have 1 action per row, or 2 actions per row, etc…)
I suppose one workaround could be to somehow dynamically configure the 2nd button to just be something like - if it’s not being used.