Table Dropdown forces alphabetical sorting for numbers

Noticed a potential bug: a dropdown field embedded in a table uses alphabetical sorting for its values which puts "2.5" after "15" and "5" after "20". However, a standalone dropdown respects user-defined order of its values.

Problematic dropdown embedded in a table:

Great catch @tytakoff! Can you share a screenshot of the dropdown column settings (e.g. values and labels)?

@justin I had the dropdown's values dynamically pulled from the input like

however, simply hard-coded values behave same way:

Cool, thanks for the info @tytakoff. I’ll file this one with the engineering team!

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Hey @tytakoff,

Just wanted to step in here and let you know this has been fixed! :tada: Dropdown columns will no longer auto-alphabetize their values.

Let us know if you’re running into any other bugs, and thank you for surfacing this one!


Looks like the Tag (dropdown) column type has the same issue. We returned on the deprecated dropdown one as workaround.
Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 18.02.49
Screenshot 2022-06-24 at 18.03.05

Hi @Gaerdy, Thank you for flagging this for us! I've reported this to our engineering team and I'll post any updates on the issue here.

Hi @Gaerdy, I just wanted to reach out and let you know that this issue of the tags column sorting numbers as strings has been fixed on cloud! If you're self-hosting Retool, this fix should be released in an on-prem version in the next two to four weeks.