Table Dropdown forces alphabetical sorting for numbers

Noticed a potential bug: a dropdown field embedded in a table uses alphabetical sorting for its values which puts “2.5” after “15” and “5” after “20”. However, a standalone dropdown respects user-defined order of its values.

Problematic dropdown embedded in a table:

Great catch @tytakoff! Can you share a screenshot of the dropdown column settings (e.g. values and labels)?

@justin I had the dropdown’s values dynamically pulled from the input like

however, simply hard-coded values behave same way:

Cool, thanks for the info @tytakoff. I’ll file this one with the engineering team!

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Hey @tytakoff,

Just wanted to step in here and let you know this has been fixed! :tada: Dropdown columns will no longer auto-alphabetize their values.

Let us know if you’re running into any other bugs, and thank you for surfacing this one!