Sort of Dropdown column type with null values does not work BUG

We have a Table component with a field called Score. The Dropdown column type has values of ['Red','Yellow','Green']. Some of the records are null. Sorting does not appear to function as expected.



does the filtering produce something like this (sorting asc)?

  • Green
  • Red
  • Undefined
  • Yellow

Hi @minijohn it doesn't seem to sort ascending. What I do see is that the sort works fine on other columns that are dropdowns but not this one. image
This is how we specify the values and labels: image

What are the values of the score field? Assuming it's not a custom column.

I just noticed while testing that the column is being sorted by it's original value, rather than the dropdown values.

The value in the table matches the label. One of three possible values red, yellow, or green, or blank.

Hi @Lee! It looks like this is a bug on our end, I've filed a ticket and linked this conversation to it. In the meantime, can you try having the mapped value of the column be {{ self ?? "" }} and setting "Sort by mapped value" to true?

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This appears to have worked! We are testing now.

There were a number of fixes to column sorting pushed with 2.112.0. They should cover this issue but let me know if they don't :slightly_smiling_face: