Table Component Issue?

Hey guys! so I've been dealing with this problem lately, Every time I arrange my columns it somehow keeps duplicating my columns over and over again.

Is this a new issue or I might be doing something wrong?

Hey @Nur_Azril_Onkassim! That’s super strange. I can’t seem to replicate this :thinking: Would you mind sharing a screen recording of this happening? Does this happen in all tables in all apps, or does a new table in a blank app function normally?

Hi @victoria fortunately I've resolved this by deleting the keys and encoding them again this seems to fixed my duplication problem however, this sometimes happen from time to time. If ever I encountered the same problem I'll just post the screenshot here again

Oh phew. Very glad to hear it’s working for you now, and please do let us know if this happens again! Though hopefully it doesn’t :crossed_fingers:

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