Table column adjustments

If you have a table and you expand the browser window, it adds width to all columns (or something only to the rightmost column it seems).

Is there a way to select which column it adds additional width to?

If you have one column that often spills over, this would allow you to use the extra space for that column while keeping the other columns only wide enough to fit the info needed.

Hi @mwh22 Thanks for reaching out! We don't have a ton of features for controlling the table column widths, but this is something that we're investigating internally. I'll post here when we ship more features to help with this issue!

End users should currently be able to manually move the column widths

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hey tess, has there been any changes to controlling column widths?

I have an issue where Retool will truncate my columns, which means users cannot read the column names. Id much prefer to set a fixed width and enforce a horizontal bar scroll

Thanks for checking in! We have an Auto column width option on the new table component, but no updates yet on user-defined, persistent column width or improving the column width behavior when resizing the page.

Have you already tried auto column width?

hey tess, yes that was actually what was causing the truncate behavior, I have to turn that off else sometimes it truncates all the columns to fit on the screen.

:thinking: interesting; thanks for flagging!