Support for event handlers in modal frames?

Hi @andoliveyou :wave:

First of all I love the modal frames! Very happy that I don't have to hide Modal Buttons all over my application.

In the (legacy) Modals I frequently use the open and close event handlers to clear form data or trigger other side effects.
Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 09.55.12

I noticed that the Modal Frames do not expose these handlers, so I need to change my way of working a little bit in order to trigger side effects on open/close.

Are there plans to expose these open/close handlers, or can you recommend a way of working to achieve a similar result?



Hi @avr! Thanks so much for this feedback. We've been working on this, and will likely be rolling out support for this in the next 1-2 weeks.

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Hi @andoliveyou :wave:

Any news on the support of open/close handlers for Modal Frames? Would love to get started with this!

Event handlers on show and on hide are now supported on both Drawer and Modal Frames!


Awesome, thanks @AnnaW!