Suggestions on column regeneration on Table component

When I regenerate columns :

  • the primary key is dropped every time : I think it should persist if in the new columns the previous primary key column is still present
  • all the columns are added to the table and visible : There should be a way to either hide all the columns at once (it's cumbersome to do this one by one) or the default should be that new columns are hidden by default
  • to me it's not clear what the difference is between clicking the "cross" on a column (and thus delete it) and simply hide it — for columns retrieved from the query, I never want to delete them, always only hide them because if I choose to retrieve this data from the query it's because I intend to use it. Deleting columns should maybe only be enable on custom columns (columns not mapping actual columns on the query)

This my first contribution, I hope this kind of feedback is appreciated. I really enjoy working on Retool, thanks for this awesome software.

Hey @harijoe! Thanks for the feedback, we really do appreciate it and take it to heart. I've submitted some feature requests to the internal team, so they can take a look. Glad you are enjoying Retool!