Stop Component Reset

New to Retool (and not a developer!). Is there any way around components resetting when the browser is refreshed? We have forms which users will fill in during the week and submit at the end, so this is obviously a issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello @MaElectra!

Interesting use case. So the form is opened at the start of the week, continually added to over the week and then submitted at the end of the week?

The issue is that if you don't submit a form or query, the data is held in the frontend of the app (browser) which will not proliferate when the browser page is refreshed.

One option would be to save the form's contents in a database (such as retool DB) which would be triggered by something like a 'save' button. This database would be the source of the form so that it will fill in with the previously saved data when a page loads/refreshes.

Then you can have a 'submit' button that will be used to submit the form's data at the end of the week to where ever it needs to go. This can then clear out the form for the next user so it will stop filling in the current data with the previous week's data.

This would be easiest to do in a retool app using a form component and custom buttons/queries and not in our stand alone Retool Form tool.

I would highly recommend using the little purple robot icon for our AI prompt to help build the parts of this app if you are not a developer!

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