Status flagging between table items

I've two tables on my app and I'd like to place a status on one column if the item exists in the other table.
In this case, I want to flag "Attention" if the "Ent code" in tblMyEntities exists in the "Entity mf code" on the past submissions table.
I could probably achieve this in other ways but I like how the statuses represent themselves and it seems like a logical way to do things in this example.
I'm just struggling in understanding how to map between the two.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

If the item exists in the other table in the same row or anywhere?
If anywhere, in the column where you want to show the status, you could try:


Thanks @ScottR , that got me on the right track - what I did instead was referenced the query that was looking up the past submissions:


Thanks for your prompt response and advice as always! :pray:


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