Display multiple status indicators per table row

Is there a way to show multiple status indicators per row? I have a cell that has a simple array of dicts (name and value). And I want to show a status indicator per array item. The length of the array will change per table row so I can't make a column for each item in the array.

Is this possible?

My array looks like this

    "Sam": "good"
    "Paul": "bad"
    "Wayne": "good"

I can change the array to make this work if needed.


In the column, you can try:
{{self.join('  ')}}

I'm not sure how that would help?

I guess my main question is, is there anyway to have multiple status indicators per cell? I can define multiple but it only seems to display 1.

Maybe use Tags instead? A bit more work, but you could probably use a transformer to create a custom Option List array with icons and everything.

May not be pretty, but seems doable.

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Ah good idea. I hadn't thought of tags. They look the same so should work nicely. Thank you.

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