Status Component Bug

The status component default value is not allowing me to set it's value dynamically.
See GIF:
Capture Reservations To Check  Editor  Retool

Agree that the dropdown UI is annoying - when you click FX and then try to type a value into the box it reverts back to the picker mode.
If you popout the editor, as you do in your video, then the value can be entered ok but to make it work it has to be lower case as the error message at the bottom shows. e.g.

It depends on what "value" each of the States has - you have to define the default as a value not the label

Even after fixing the error, it seems to only work if you put a string without code. See this video:
Capture Reservations To Check  Editor  Retool

Just wanted to say that I'm seeing the same thing. Clicking 'FX' then clicking the input box reverts to non-FX. Popping out the code editor seems to work, but the input box reverts to the first valid value regardless. This is on self-hosted v3.0.1

Confirm it's broken in 3.3.0 cloud too
Workaround is to control component to set the value

Another workaround I found is to set the mode to "mapped" (then you can set the color different for different statuses) enter the code and then switch back to manual.

Still a bug though.

Thanks for surfacing this @w2go and thanks for confirming the behavior as well @dcartlidge and @kenneth. This is definitely a bug, it looks like a regression from version 2.119. I've filed a report with the dev team and will report back here when it's fixed!

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Hi @Kabirdas, checking in to see if this bug has been fixed, and if it is available on self-hosted version as of yet?

Hey @Kyra_Henningson, unfortunately there isn't a fix yet, but someone did discover something of a workaround. If you remove all values from the status component, switch to a dynamic input and enter {{}}, then recreate the values, the dynamic input setting should persist:

(Note: clearing the default value field completely with options present can put you back into the broken state)

It's far from ideal, but if you're really blocked on using the component hopefully it can help.


Circling back to share that our eng team fixed this a couple weeks ago on Cloud, and the fix has been back-ported for self-hosted versions 3.14, 3.12, 3.10, 3.8, and 3.6. Thanks everyone for your patience and for sharing workarounds here in the meantime! Let us know if you're still seeing strangeness with this on cloud or in those self-hosted versions.