Static border option for editable text input/area components

I really like the click-to-edit, enter-to-save functionality of the editable text and editable text area components - this is especially useful when a query should run on change but not with every keypress, and where on blur isn't desirable.

The problem I have with these components however is that they are visually inconsistent with many other components such as the other text input and text area components and selection components.

Ideally, these editable text and editable text area components would have a style option for a static border, i.e. the border displayed when not in focus. It would be helpful if these components were the same height as their counterparts too.


Hi @ryanm!

I just wanted to follow up here and let you know I've filed a request on this! If this gets resolved, I'll be alerted and will make sure to update you here!

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Thanks, appreciate that!

Did this ever get updated into Retool?

Hi there!

Not at this time, but it is actively being worked on right now!