Problem passing data to webhook workflow

I have a simple webhook workflow that I'm trying to pass data to using JSON. The trigger is set up like this...

If I manually run the workflow it works fine and I can access the example JSON as {{}}

However, when I copy the cURL from startTrigger and execute it I get an error - {"error":true,"message":"Internal server error"}.
If i remove the --data parameter from the cURL (i.e. --data '{"log_text": "my message"}') the workflow works fine when called using cURL but it uses the example JSON.

Am I missing something?

Hey @faraday! Hmm, strange :thinking:

I suspect that startTrigger pulls from a different source when triggered. How are you triggering this workflow and are you passing any data in?

I've done some further testing...
If I call and pass data using the example cURL (as copied from the block) it fails
If I call externally without data (e.g. using Python) - it works - but of course there's no data
If I call and pass data externally using python - it fails
If I call from another workflow (with or without data) - it works.
In general it seems that I can't pass in data externally - even the sample cURL as provided by the block will fail.

Thank you for all that testing! :slight_smile:

startTrigger should refer to the data sent via the API that triggers the Workflows - although it's great to receive the feedback that perhaps we could make it more clear.

Based on our docs on startTrigger, it seems like you should be able to access the JSON Payload passed along with your Workflow when it gets triggered.\

When you're triggering the webhook, how are you passing in the JSON payload?