SSH tunnel with python anywhere

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We use PythonAnywhere for our hosting including the database and to connect to the db from outside of the plattform you need a ssh tunnel. Here the details: Accessing your MySQL database from outside PythonAnywhere | PythonAnywhere help

I was not able to connect it from Retool since I don't have a bastion port/host and I am not sure if it is even possible with my setup. I saw the tutorial (Configure SSH tunneling for resources | Retool Docs) but it didn't really help me.

Has anybody sucessfully connected Retool with PythonAnywhere or is it not possible?

Thank you very much


Hi @Andi_k Thanks for reaching out! I haven't tested with PythonAnywhere myself, but as far as I can tell it should work since we support ssh tunneling with our MySQL integration :crossed_fingers:. I'll leave this thread open in case any of our community members want to chime in. It may also be worth checking in Discord. Our Discord is mostly community managed, so it's worth trying, but I'm not sure if anyone there will have experience in with PythonAnywhere.

One limitation that you may find with ssh tunneling in our Cloud hosted product, is that it requires a user named retool:

Our self-hosted product has a feature to override the default name, and provide your own custom credentials:

Hi, I have the same problem. I am unable to connect Retool to my database hosted on Python Anywhere because Retool requires a predetermined username and password for the SSH tunnel.

Is there a practical reason why custom username and password for SSH tunnels are only available for the self hosted version of Retool?

Will this feature be available anytime soon for the not self hosted version?

Hi @paulmo

Thanks for chiming in! We have a feature request in our backlog to support custom authentication details on Cloud. We haven't been able to prioritize it yet, but I'll add your +1