Splash Screen on app start with no clutter


Goal: Make a splash screen with project logo with no extra clutter.
Attempt Create a screen with one big container navigating to the app on click with logo in dead center and make it default.
Problem Making a screen default forces it to be added to bottom menu where it's absolutely useless once shown once on app start.

Solutions? Workarounds?

Hey @Scottsky!

It doesn't look like this is natively supported :thinking:

The closest I'm getting is to have the splash container share the default screen and wrap the rest of the components in a container that'd hidden on page load, then set up event handlers so that when someone first interacts with the page the splash container is hidden and the rest is displayed:

The navigation bar is always displayed though, and while you may be able to add a similar event handler that's triggered when someone navigates first instead of interacting with the splash page it might not be a desirable flow.

Curious what others might have to say and I've also brought it up with the dev team!


I like the way this workaround behaves.
And solves the problem of unnecessary icon in the tab as well.

Thank you for you solution.