Sorting in the Comments component

I'd like to use the Comments component as a simple way for people to leave messages on our landing page. The Comments don't need to be associated with any other records.

It works great, except the for the sorting. I prefer newest to oldest, but get oldest to newest and no option to change it.

Suggestions appreciated!

Hey @awilly!

It might take some more building but have you considered using Retool Database to store any comments left on the landing page and then displaying them in a list view or table?

You can create a new comments table with a created_at column that will auto-populate and then add columns for the comment and the user

A query to add comments would then look something like:

And you can get your comments with:

Then add a text area and button to submit the comments:

And from there you can customize how the comments are displayed however you like! Making a module out of it also makes it easily reusable... could that work?

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@Kabirdas Yes, I think this will work great. Thank you!