Sort change event doesn't trigger query in the table

Hi, Retool Team
I'm using server-side pagination in the table. I want to trigger JS query when the user sorts the table. I tried to use "Sort change" event handler of Retool Table Component, but it doesn't trigger anything.
Can you consider this issue?


It does look like we have an internal bug report on this. I'll go ahead and attach this post to the thread so that I can alert you when some progress is made. Thank you for bringing this to our attention!


Hi John
Do you have any ETA for the issue?


I just tested this on my end and it seems to be working as expected. Could you try and let me know if you're still not seeing Sort Changes trigger anything? I used this simple setup:

Yes, it's now working.
Another problem I've found is that setSort() function doesn't work properly in the Table component. I was trying to reset the sort column(table1.sortedColumn) when changing tabs, but it didn't reset it.


Do you have any solution?

Hi @scootersync!

I've tested this out on my end, and setSort(null) clears the sorting in the table. Are you still seeing this issue? If so, can you share a screen shot of this setup where setSort(null) is not working?