Something when wrong when using Firestore query

Hi guys, Today Retool has a critical bug about Firestore.
I am using the query that queries all documents of a collection. It's worked properly. But when I use the Javascript Query and trigger the Firestore query above, It returns undefined.

// When I run a single query to get documents from a collection => return 5 documents
// But when I use the JS query:
const a = await firestore_query.trigger()
=> a is undefined.
But run isolately firestore_query => return 5 documents?

Yesterday, I've worked properly still today, it's a break.

Hey, I just reported this myself. Glad to see I haven't gone crazy

Hey phamtiennam!

Just replied back in Brett's thread as well. We're rolling out a fix for this right now, and should have things working again very shortly- I'll let you all know when it is live!

To update this thread as well, the issue has been fixed and everything should be fully functional now!