Some useful things for Scanner component


Is this possible to add a simple “close” method on the Scanner component ?

Default Camera
Another useful thing could be the possibility to define/select a “default” camera to display on the Scanner component.

The use case I’m facing today is that we need to, quickly as possible, open a scanner on the back camera of a phone.
Actually, we need to open the scanner, wait for the camera to appear, select the back camera on the dropdown, then finally scan our barcodes :confused:

Do you like these features ?

Quick question, is it necessary to post these 2 features at 2 different posts ?

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Hi @Jaucordi!

Those are both awesome feature requests, thank you for sharing. For your second request, I currently actually have an internal request for the Default Camera feature, and will add this post do be notified once we get to it! 😊

Hi @victoria!

Thank you for your feedback.
I'm glad to read that the DefaultCamera feature will probably coming soon ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the notification when you'll deal with it, have a nice day!

Hi @Jaucordi! I wanted to share the good news. The mobile scanner will now open in the back camera by default! :tada: Thank you for writing in about this initially, and for all your patience here.