Smart query not firing on iOS Retool App

I'm using a smart query in a mobile app to present some text to the user. I'm using Retool cloud. The queries is set to fire when a page loads, although I have also tried other ways of triggering it. These all work fine on my desktop machine both in design mode and preview mode (when you get the app rendered within the outline of a phone with a QR code to the right). But when I open the page on my phone, within the Retool App, the smart query doesn't fire at all. The rest of the app works fine, and when I replaced the query with a different resource query, that worked fine. In the console logs on the app, there's just nothing - not even a query error. Any ideas?

Hi @bpretool!

Thank you for reporting this! I was able to reproduce this and reported it as a bug to our engineering team. They have a fix & our goal is to get it out to Cloud by next Wednesday, if not sooner :crossed_fingers: