Slack Integration new vs old

In 2.116 there was mention of a slack integration upgrade.

However, I think i need to be able to use the older webhook way, since i am using on prem.
Is there a way to get old webhook integration without downgrading my retool back down?

The oauth callbacks in the new way seems like it cant work when retool is on a office intranet as it defaults to a 10.1.x.x address.

Hi @dlbhilbig Thanks for reaching out about this! I checked internally & it looks like we intentionally removed this option, as it is no longer recommended by Slack. However, it looks like you could work around this limitation by using the generic REST API. Do you think that could work for your instance?

The old Slack integration linked to this warning on Slack:

Technically, the old integration is still available by changing the URL from /resources/new/slackopenapi to /resources/new/slack, but I'm not sure how long that will be the case. Established resources using the old integration will continue to work though!

Okay so i don't have an established resource so going the REST API route is the only way forward?

I am just a sliver more experienced than "brand new" at this sort of integration.

I've made a REST API resource and managed to query a list of public channels in my workspace, so i think this is progress.

Will need to read up on all the calls I will need to make and how, but I think we have a path forward.