Slack Integration - messages in the background

Hi All,

I was just wondering if anyone knew the timescale of getting retool to run the slack integration in the background?

It is mentioned on the integrations page (here) as "In the future, we'll support sending messages to Slack automatically, in the background"

Any help appreciated!

Hey @Mdeakins and welcome to the community! This is a great question - we still don’t quite support running queries in the background unless the Retool app is open, although it’s something we’re trying to work on in the near future. Would you be able to provide a few bullet points in this thread about what your use case is / what you’re trying to do?

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Hi @justin - Absolutely, thanks for coming back to me

Our use case is:

  • As a retool user, I want to be notified when I need to log into a specific app because there is a specific action for me to complete (based on whether an SQL query has any records returned)

The detail is as follows:

  • New free text items automatically feed into our system gradually over time from external sources
  • Our backend takes these, runs a NLP algorithm to match match them to existing categories
  • Any suggested match is stored in a database table
  • We have a retool application to view all the outstanding suggestions in the database and either approve/reject
  • Rather than logging in to check, we would like to send a notification via email or slack to get the retool user to log into the dashboard to action
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Gotcha, thanks for this. Definitely checks out with how other users have asked for things like this - will update the thread (and add a big community post) when we have something ready to share :slight_smile:

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+1 for this - Flows enables the control flow around this but there is no way to notify without either a Flows API / notifications. Thanks!

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Was there an updated timescale on this being made available?