Show tag description in retoolContext object

It would be awesome to show the description of the tag along with the pageTag itself. This would allow me to show the version number and the description of the latest change to users in the UI.

Hello @jonnilundy!

I looking to get more details on this before I make the feature request to our eng team.

By "description of the tag" do you mean a boilerplate explanation of what the tag is and explaining what the version number means?

Or would you want the description to be custom/dynamic information that you add about an app's version (such as the changes from previous version as you mentioned)?

For a custom description, where would you want to get/create this information? If you'd like to manually put in text for a specific app/version to save it and access it to show a user there are other options to do so.

If you could give me an example of how you imagine the use case for this to go I can get a better idea of if we have something existing that would work or what the new feature would entail!

Also these docs might be helpful :crossed_fingers:

I think simply making all the values from the existing Releases tab available in a releases object would allow what I'm looking for.
{{}} or {{retoolContext.lastRelease.description}}. I was thinking lastRelease or currentRelease would make sense to me.

Thanks for the feedback!

I completely agree, I will make a feature flag to our eng team for this :technologist:

Will keep you posted.

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