Inform backend version number


I need your help for the release management of one of my apps. My backend has to know which release is live in order to return an error response if the version number that the backend knows isn't the same as the current live version number when using queries.
This is a behavior to prevent using an old client.


Hey @sacha! You can use {{ retoolContext.pageTag }} to send the release version number along with any requests.

Hey @joeBumbaca ! Yes, I was aware of this but my problem is not a this level. I want my backend to know the latest tag that I released on my app, so that I will be able to compare the tags.
By just sending the retoolContext.pageTag, my backend won't have any pageTag to compare with.

The solution would be to connect to the Retool API but it is not available before Enterprise plan.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

@sacha You can try updating your backend with the newer version number every time you make a release. The Retool API doesn't supply you with the release versions, so you would likely need to update you backend manually regardless. But updating the backend when a release is published would keep it up to date and give it a value to check against.

@joeBumbaca Ok so if I understood well, I have to update manually the latest tag of my app in my backend.
It's quite restrictive for the moment but ok, thanks for your help.
I was thinking about a trigger when there is a new release of an app which can trigger a workflow which is gonna update my backend.

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Sounds good! I'll create a feature request to add this functionality to the Retool API as well.