Show list of files from Google Cloud Storage

Hi Retool community,

i have a question.
How can I display a list of existing files in Google Cloud Storage in my Retool app? :slight_smile:

Hey @mike_mike!

Does the following action work?

Hey @Kabirdas ,
Yes, it works in a way. I then get a lot of information about all the files, but I don't need it.
I only need the names of the files, which I then want to make available for selection in a select component.
In Google Cloud Storage these files are stored in a directory. The path for this is 'Firmware/Version/'.
However, as I said, I would only need the names of the files. Can you help me there?

I see, are you seeing something like this when you preview the query?

If that's the case, you can grab just the name by using the following query transformer:

If not, it may be helpful if you could share some screenshots of what you're seeing!