Set focus to a button in App screen

I have an app with 3 buttons. I want to make one of the buttons in focus for when the Return key is pressed vs. only clicking with a mouse.

Is that possible?

Hi @KeithMacK, there is a way to do this by creating a Custom Component. But before we take that route, what is the purpose of this functionality we are trying to achieve?

Hi! I have an application that has several buttons and fields to search. Typically a user enters what they want to search and id like focus on the search button so if the hit enter that button will get pressed.

Do you mean the following?
We have a table with columns: name, email, permission.
Do we want an input to type: name, email, or permission, and then another input for the value in order to find data from a table?
If that is the case, we could use a Multiselect Component to select the column names and a Text Input Component for the values.

Alternatively, we could use a Form Component with a mix of input fields to achieve a narrow search.

Sorry. Maybe not clear. The form is working great. All I am looking for is focus on a specific button so when I hit the enter key the search is executed.

Hope that is clearer.

Just drop your components into a form component. Submitting on enter is the default behavior, as long as a component inside the form is in focus.

If you really, really want to do it without a form you can bind the enter key to run your query.