Create a "search feature" that will search a word in a text box

Hello, I have an app with a "help" modal in which I gave explaination in text boxes about how to use the app. I want to add a "search" feature that help users to find easily what they are looking for. Do you have an idea about how to add such a feature? Thanks in advance

Hey @begum! What would you like this search feature to search? Data from your database, Retool components inside the app, something else?

It will search some keywords in the text

Okay! And where is this text coming from? A screenshot of your current setup would be great, if you have one :slight_smile:

It is coming from differents text boxes that I have created. I'm sending you a screenshot. Thank you for your help!

Ah, so you're looking for a search button that searches throughout the app page and highlights the relevant areas? I'm afraid this will need to be a feature request.

We currently only support searching your data:

Yes exactly. Okay, thank you very much for your time.

Of course! I went ahead and created this request for you internally as well. Thank you for taking the time to add your context here :slight_smile: