Set Dropdown Value In Particular Condition

Hey guys,

So currently I have this two dropdown menu which is connected each other. What I mean by that is every time I change the option on left dropdown, the value inside right dropdown is changed dynamically.

My issue is this:
What I want to achieve is that every time I set back the option on left dropdown to "None", then I want another dropdown value is automatically set to 0. How to achieve it?

Because if for example I select an option value from left dropdown, and then select an option value from right dropdown, the value of right dropdown will automatically changed (this is fine). But after that, when I select the left dropdown option again to "None", the value on another dropdown is somehow still there.

you should be able to just add an event handler to the select_country dropdown that uses setValue and only runs when select_country.value == 'None'


Solved! But it is worked by using resetValue instead of setValue. I don't know why but thank you so much for your help!