Dependency Cycle Found

Hello. I have an issue here. I want to create customize default value depends on what is user selected on the table.

Here is my code, but I found out there is an dependency error:

How to solve this?

Have you tried using a switch statement instead?

remove self.value = though not sure what component the above logic is being used in. There are many different ways to manage this. For one, you could give each of the countries a value in the database such as countryID and then hide countryID column in the table component so the user doesn't see it but you can still access it the same way {{}}

Hey guys thanks for your feedback, I just solved this issue by connecting my component with transformer to contain the value from table selected data.

Hi! Just wanted to share the solution I helped @yeftanma with:

You can create a Transformer that will conditionally return a string that has the option you are looking to select as the Default Value, and then reference that Tranformer in the Default Value field, as the Default Value field does not need the self.value. I chose to setup a series of if/if else statements, but you could also use a switch.

The Transformer (transformer10) and linked table (table9):