Set custom colors for mapped values in a table

Hi all,

I have a table with a mapped column for my customers and I want to set a color for each of them.
There is a color feature but I don't know how to use it

I have deactivated the 'Assign tag colors automatically' so now they are all grey.

How can I acheive this ? thank you.

What criteria would determine the color for each customer? If it is something that you manage separately (a customer to color table or something), you could have a lookup for the chosen color based on the customer.

Based on the ID would be great. Do I need to create a color table ?

You might not NEED to, but it couldn't hurt to keep things organized.

For example, you can add a button column to your table which opens a modal with a Color Pick component. The color pick sets the customer table value to the selected color and then colors the cell/row based on the customer value.

Something much simpler that controls the button color:

Thank you for your help !

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I can't believe I've never seen the color picker component before!

Thanks for showcasing it @pyrrho!

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