Set Component Width to 100%

Good day. I have a container in which I have a table and form side-by-side. I have a button that hides the form so that the user can have a wider table to view. If the table width were 100%, I think this would work. Is there a way to make this happen?


I don't believe there is, but happy to be proven wrong - what you could do is have the form in a drawer or modal that are hidden by default and only shown when editing/creating/selecting a record in the table (if that's your use case).
Alternatively you could have a second container view that has table + form and one with only the table and switch between them. Wouldn't advise this second option is a great one though.

Thanks. I did try the second option. It works, but managing table component references in the app gets to be a pain. (i.e., which one is visible).