Server side pagination with fuzzy search doesn't work

Hi, I have identified a bug that I have spent some time investigating. Here are the steps to reproduce it:

  1. Configure a table where a query is used to load data.
  2. Drag an input field onto the screen and configure "fuzzy search" to use the input field for searching within the table data.
  3. Now, configure server-side pagination and modify the query to enable server-side pagination. (Note: This will remove the "fuzzy search" settings, but they will remain set in the background.)
  4. Adjust the query to use the input field for filtering.

At this point, the filtering does not work even though the query is correctly configured. This is because the "fuzzy search" settings have disappeared (due to enabling server-side pagination) but are still retained in the background. To prevent this, you need to first disable server-side pagination to adjust the "fuzzy search" settings again (remove the link with the input field). Then, you can re-enable server-side pagination, and the filtering will work correctly.

Thanks for reporting this Dennis! You're right that the table should clear or ignore any existing "Search" settings when server-side pagination is turned on. I've filed this as a bug!

For now, you're correct that turning SSP off, clearing the search value, and re-enabling it should fix the issue and the Table should filter as intended.