Enable search term even with server side pagination

I had a table with search set-up and after I while, I added server-side pagination to it. Then I noticed that the search feature disappeared from the Table inspector. After reading the Table docs for the 42nd time, I didn't saw any explicit mentions for this absence :smiling_face_with_tear:
After tweaking around I saw that the feature would reappear :ghost: if I disabled server-side pagination...
Then I read this post Search Term Is Disabled for The New Table.

I'm not sure why the search feature would be completely disabled, but:

  • when adding logic to disable a feature, it would be awesome to display it in the inspector and also explicitly mention it in the docs please :pray:. This would save a lot of time and energy :slight_smile:
  • I have server-side pagination, but I still want client-side search and filtering option. At least for a while, and in order to maximise Retool usefulness. I think a warning would be better than completely disabling the feature
  • I then saw that filtering options were completely disabled Filter table with Server-side pagination enabled. Again, it's not very clear, as my table still has the option activated, but the feature doesn't do anything

Thank you and happy new year!

Hey @seb, thank you for sharing that feedback! I went ahead and shared that with the team and filed a request to keep track. If we have any updates we will share them here.